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It may not be factual, but it is true.
Sometimes I can't believe the things I have done in my life. Just a 22 year old life. I have already experienced the extreme of every emotion a person could possibly feel. Sometimes I feel like I'm feeling them all at once, the entire spectrum in all of its gradient intensity. It's vicious.
LiveJournal is really weird. I feel like I'm super embarrassed that I still come on here occasionally. I mean, if someone asked I would say no.
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1. If you use it, you wash it.

2. If you cook with it, no matter who eats what was made, by exercising the free will to choose to cook, you wash it.

3. If you cook something, and put the leftovers into tupperware… here’s where it gets tricky. In this case, it does not matter who has cooked the food inside, but whoever cleans out those contents is responsible for washing said tupperware.
I have found that this last rule is a big determiner of portion control for me.

music: Franz Liszt - La Campanella

I just woke up from a nap having a threesome sex dream. In the dream I was fingering this girl and got weirded out because her vagina didn't feel like mine and I had some weird dream epiphany that no two vaginas are the same.
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I made a Tumblr: http://www.stocassticity.tumblr.com. It's to keep track of all the links I want to keep track of: articles, photos, stories, etc. If you use tumblr feel free to follow me on there or whatever I have no friends on it.
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I love the steady low hiss of a record playing
like a bicycle tire slowly going falt
or a faucet a few rooms away
It reminds me of my grandparents' house
and dancing the Polka.

music: Neko Case - Star Witness

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My birthday is today. I am twenty-one years old. I don't feel very special or particularly excited about it, though I am trying to get into character. Twenty-one! Wooo!!!
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I'm home. Meaning, I'm back in New Jersey and no longer in Iceland. Isn't coming home from vacation supposed to make a person feel refreshed? I feel so miserable to be back here. Iceland was indescribably fantastic. Absolutely amazing! I will post pictures and write more about this later at some point. I have to shower now, and finish watching this documentary before work. UGH WORK.
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I just got a check in the mail for $600 from the government! I was just shopping for adventure equipment and stressing, too. So it came right in time reduce some of the financial anxiety that comes with this trip to Iceland. (This time Tuesday I will be in the airport... weird.)

I have nothing meaningful to type in here as usual. I wrote a beautiful poem in my head when I was having a mental breakdown on Thursday but as soon as my emotions leveled out I forgot what it was. But at least I got to experience the upside of being down.

music: Phoenix - 1901

i'm typing like 3487234 words a minute because i drank all this coffee to stay up to study all night and i am SUPER worried that i'm going to crash the second i sit down to take my exams tomorrow. yikes.

mood: anxious anxious
music: Ingrid Michaelson - Be Okay

I've stayed up past the breaking point. There is tire, tire, exhaustion, urge! Then - clarity, inspiration, stillness. The latter! Your beauty terrifies as every unknown haunts humanity. In this still nighttime I can feel my every movement displacing the surrounding elements. I am soluble. You are duplicitous in your hospitality.

The night is surely a woman. An exotic temptress. I can feel her fingers rolling into her palm and taking me, too, in their windpath. She is quiet and pensive and content. She is patient and comforting, yet daunting and intimidating. She is coy... And daytime, certainly a man. Always rushing his mistress. There is never enough time. Demanding and uncompromising. Swarming. Commanding of the spotlight. Well he can take it, we don't need the sun to grow.
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[ "I shall be telling this with a sigh" : ]
I always choose the hard road.

music: the new Conor Oberst & the MVB album